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Car Rentals


The range of attractive models on offer includes the luxurious BMW 8 series, the sporty BMW M models and the remarkable BMW Z4.

Bookable directly in BMW Welt or online at


Experience and enjoy the German Alpine Road at your own pace by hiring a new, fully equipped VW camper van through Bavaria-based LionCamper. No mileage limit, two drivers included, convenient drop-off and pick-up service, all-round insurance cover, fair rental prices and free parking for your car during the entire journey. Use the offer code ‘Alpenstraße’ for a 5 percent discount on your Alpine road trip.

LionCamper camper rental, Am Lohmühlbach 11, 85356 Freising

Tel: +49 (0)8161 201 7161,

Classic Cars

The company Mietoldtimer&Mehr has a wide range of cars to choose from, including legendary gems such as a Rolls Royce Corniche, American classics and a Mercedes Benz 560 SL. You can hire your dream classic car for a day trip, a weekend away or for a whole week. Mietoldtimer&Mehr also offers additional services such as hotel bookings and organising excursions.

MIETOLDTIMER&MEHR, Moostetten 1, 85669 Pastetten

Tel: +49 (0)89 3249 27780,


May through October is the best time for a tour along the German Alpine Road. During the day we recommend the‚ 'Onion Look' (layered dressing). It's worth remembering that the route runs at around 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above sea-level, and so can be cool in the evening. A warm pullover and a wind-proof jacket are just as essential in your luggage as sunscreen and sunglasses. Your swimming gear and/or a picnic basket and blanket wouldn't go amiss in the summer months too; it would be a shame to merely drive past all the stunning lakes. Good footwear is recommended - not only if you hike but for regular sight-seeing excursions too.


Across Europe fire and rescue services can be reached 24/7 by the free telephone number 112 (no area code required). In Bavaria, dialling 112 will connect you immediately to a local integrated control centre.


Be mindful to refuel in time - filling stations are, unsurprisingly, fewer and further apart away from populated areas. Some filling stations are also only open during the day, though many of these still offer automated refuelling outside of their business hours with the use of a credit card.

Journey Duration

For the entire distance we recommend you schedule four to seven days, clearly depending on whether it is done in a sporty manner or more leisurely taking in the many sights along the road. Of course, you can pick out individual sections to do, or break it up continuing where you left off another time. Appropriate breaks are of-course essential in any journey; not only to enjoy the great Alpine views, nor to marvel at the sights, but at least every two hours you should take a pitstop to maintain a healthy focus! A sip of fresh spring water from a fountain, a piece of fruit, or some exercise can all help you better concentrate.

Route Sections

The route is divided into nine sections, based on the nine tourism regions through which it passes. All distances stated are measured from the border of one administrative district to the next. The question of how many kilometres to plan for a daily stage is difficult to answer, as it can vary a lot depending on your personal interests, on the vehicle (classic car or sports car) and on the volume of traffic. In any case, you should bear in mind when planning your trip that the German Alpine Road follows main roads and occasionally winding mountain roads, and that you will encounter other road users at weekends and during the peak season. You are also likely to encounter agricultural vehicles and locals going about their business and errands, so just relax and enjoy the drive – the journey is its own reward!

Roadside Assistance

Nearly 1,700 „Yellow Angels" (mobile mechanics) are available around the clock to help with breakdowns or accidents. ADAC members are spared costly towing and high workshop costs.

Domestic Roadside Assistance
Tel: +49 (0) 180 222 22 22
(0.06/min from German fixed lines).

Mobile tel: 22 22 22
(call charges vary depending on network operator / provider)


The route is signposted in both directions.

Here you can also download and install the GPS data onto a suitable navigation device. Taking a good old paper-map and giving your co-pilot something to do is, of course, feasible - eg: ADAC AutoKarte Bayern Süd (ADAC Road map of southern Bavaria).


Despite all the excitement, driving carefully, observing all applicable road rules and regulations, and being mindful of current conditions are essential. Signs for road ice should be taken seriously, not only in winter, as treacherous black ice may form from moist air drawn in from nearby streams or lakes. Fallen leaves may lead to dangerous slippery surfaces too. Finally, the risk from animals crossing the roads, particularly at dusk, should not be underestimated.


The entire route is on toll-free roads.

Tourist information

Information services in towns and villages along the route will gladly answer any questions regarding accommodation, attractions, events, etc.

Tourist information offices along the Alpine Road

Traffic information

The radio station "Bayern 3" provides regular bulletins on traffic conditions. Traffic can also be monitored from the ADAC and "Bayerischen Rundfunks" websites as well as the App „BayernInfo Maps".


It's never a bad idea to check out the weather forecast (or to ask your accommodation host) before hitting the road - the weather can change quickly in the mountains. Better to be prepared for sudden thunderstorms with hailstones, or rogue summer snow showers.

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