The town of Rottach-Egern lies on the southern shore of Lake Tegernsee, You can enjoy the fresh air blowing in from the lake in Malerwinkel and Egerner Bucht, or you can head to Mount Wallberg for some mountain air.

Rottach Egern Der Tegernsee Dietmar DengerWandern Am Wallberg Der Tegernsee Hansi HeckmairWander Brotzeit Der Tegernsee Hansi HeckmairAlpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee Chillen 60 Dietmar DengerAlpenregiontegernseeschliersee Rk Fruehling Malerwinkell Re10Tegernsee Im Herbst Der Tegernsee Dietmar Denger 1 1Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee Chillen 35 Dietmar Denger
Rottach Egern Der Tegernsee Dietmar Denger
Wandern Am Wallberg Der Tegernsee Hansi Heckmair
Wander Brotzeit Der Tegernsee Hansi Heckmair
Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee Chillen 60 Dietmar Denger
Alpenregiontegernseeschliersee Rk Fruehling Malerwinkell Re10
Tegernsee Im Herbst Der Tegernsee Dietmar Denger 1 1
Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee Chillen 35 Dietmar Denger

The town of Rottach-Egern lies on the southern shore of Lake Tegernsee. Nowhere else do authentic traditions, diverse sports activities and a cosmopolitan outlook come together in such pleasant surroundings. Whether award-winning cuisine or traditional Bavarian restaurants, luxury hotels or cosy guesthouses, buzzing life or lakeside tranquillity, Rottach-Egern has a whole host of options for an enjoyable holiday. Its main boulevard, Seestrasse, is lined with first-class hotels, restaurants and boutiques, and there are exclusive wellness and beauty options, including Europe’s very first ‘beauty farm’.

The town’s most famous attractions are Malerwinkel (painters’ corner) at Egerner Bucht (Egern Bay), where many a painter, poet and composer has found inspiration, and 1,722-metre-high Mount Wallberg, a jumping-off point for paragliders making the most of the winds on Lake Tegernsee. Adventurous types can take the cable car up to Germany’s longest natural toboggan run, which provides a fun way to head down into the valley. Alongside these exclusive and innovative offerings, traditions and customs are a big part of life in this former farming and fishing village. The Almabtrieb cattle drive, for example, takes place every year in late autumn, while horses are the focus of attention several times a year. On the last Sunday in August, the locals celebrate the Rosstag, a parade of horses, riders and festively decorated carriages. And every two years, traditional horse-drawn sleigh races take place in winter.

Whether traditional and rustic or world-class dining, the region around Lake Tegernsee serves up culinary diversity like few other places can. For example, chef Christian Jürgens, holder of three Michelin stars, has been making waves as the executive chef at Überfahrt for more than a decade. The region is also renowned beyond its borders for the quality of its local beer and fresh char from the lake, and the many farms, artisans and Alpine meadows around the lake produce regional, award-winning specialities such as cheese, meat and local spirits.

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