Lindau im Bodensee

The island and garden town on Lake Constance with a mediterranean feel

Buildings with centuries-old facades and alleys bursting with history. Avenues for strolling along and parks for whiling away the hours. Secluded bays with impressive views and lively squares with a vibrant atmosphere. All this and much more is waiting to be discovered in Lindau.

01 Insel Lindau Hari Pulko Beschnitt KleinHafeneinfahrt Lindau 01 Www Bayern By Gert KrautbauerInsel Lindau Maximilianstrasse 02www Bayern By Gert KrautbauerInsel Lindau Ludwigstrassewww Bayern By Gert KrautbauerLindau 0017 Thregiongalleryresponsive 1Lindau 0251 Thregiongalleryresponsive 1
01 Insel Lindau Hari Pulko Beschnitt Klein
Hafeneinfahrt Lindau 01 Www Bayern By Gert Krautbauer
Insel Lindau Maximilianstrasse 02www Bayern By Gert Krautbauer
Insel Lindau Ludwigstrassewww Bayern By Gert Krautbauer
Lindau 0017 Thregiongalleryresponsive 1
Lindau 0251 Thregiongalleryresponsive 1

The island near the eastern shore of Lake Constance covers around 70 hectares, making it the second-largest in the ‘Swabian Sea’. The winding alleys and medieval buildings give the old quarter a particular charm and an almost mediterranean feel. In the harbour, visitors are welcomed by the Bavarian lion and Germany’s most southerly lighthouse. The lake is a popular place for swimming, stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing in the summer, and for day trips on the pleasure boats.

The Bavarian Riviera, a belt of grand houses along the mainland, gives you an idea of how popular Lindau has been in the past as a place to retreat to and relax. And that comes as no surprise, as walking through the parks and gardens with their views of the Alps, Lake Constance and the gently rolling hinterland really is a balm for the soul. From 20 May to 26 September 2021, the Lindau Garden Show will be held on both the island and the mainland, turning the town into a sensual experience of gardens, water and panoramic views. More than 2,000 events guarantee a lively summer festival, and the western end of the island will be transformed into a green beach garden. The area is also a great destination for an active holiday of hiking, Nordic walking or cycling.

Culture lovers will find that Lindau compares favourably with other centres of art and culture. For example, the Marionettenoper with its more than 400 puppets is the only puppet theatre company in Germany to focus exclusively on music theatre. And every summer, the town museum hosts high-calibre exhibitions on artists of the modernist movement. 

Some of the highlights in Lindau include the ‘Rund Um’ sailing regatta, the ‘Komm und See’ wine festival and Lindauer Hafenweihnacht, the popular Christmas festival. In the autumn, popular events include the annual fun fair, the Apfelwochen apple festival and the Genussherbst regional food and drink festival.

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