Biohotel Eggensberger Hopfen am See

Biohotel Eggensberger Schwimmteich Moving PicturesBiohotel Eggensberger Zimmer Suedportal Moving PicturesBiohotel Eggensberger Kaffee Auf Terrasse EggensbergerBiohotel Eggensberger Kueche SlangBiohotel Eggensberger Hallenbad MruderBiohotel Eggensberger Zirbensauna Moving PicturesBiohotel Eggensberger E Auto 7116 Moving Pictures
Biohotel Eggensberger Schwimmteich Moving Pictures
Biohotel Eggensberger Zimmer Suedportal Moving Pictures
Biohotel Eggensberger Kaffee Auf Terrasse Eggensberger
Biohotel Eggensberger Kueche Slang
Biohotel Eggensberger Hallenbad Mruder
Biohotel Eggensberger Zirbensauna Moving Pictures
Biohotel Eggensberger E Auto 7116 Moving Pictures

The family-run, 4-star Biohotel Eggensberger lies in a quiet location overlooking Lake Hopfensee in Hopfen am See, a climatic health resort near King Ludwig II's fairytale castles and the historical Alpine town of Füssen. The glorious views across the lake and the Alps can be enjoyed from the south-facing panoramic terrace all day long.

Electric cars and e-bikes are available for hire from the hotel so you can explore the varied countryside of the Allgäu region. All are charged using solar power.

The majority of the well-appointed rooms have a south-facing balcony or terrace. Enjoy a good night's sleep thanks to the high-quality orthopaedic beds, the natural bedding and the mains disconnector, which ensures there is no electrosmog in your sleeping area.

Outside, the new spa features a hotel garden with a natural swimming pool and sun loungers. Inside are a herbal tea bar and spacious rest zones with swing loungers. The pine-salt sauna, eco-sauna, steamroom and infrared heat cabin ensure that you can relax and unwind, while natural cosmetics, aromatherapy massages, therapeutic body masks and pedicures provide all-round wellbeing. The hotel also has a counter current pool, a medical therapy centre and a Kneipp bathhouse.

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