Alpine Road

The holiday region of the Bavarian Alps scales the popularity charts with tourists not just for the rich diversity of natural and cultural experiences, but because the quality of life is so high too. After work locals enjoy good food, drinks and enjoyment with their neighbours.

Allowing time to soak up this way-of-life as our journey winds along the road is a must: a country inn, a picnic by a lake or a rest on a pasture. Taste buds to the fore - as they too have a lot to discover along the way. In fertile lower climes such as Lindau or the Inn Valley, where fruit and vegetables thrive, it's all about the apple! In the Allgäu, their cheese is named after the fruit, and they are typically found in snacks in Upper Bavarian beer gardens. In the higher climes the fruit is often distilled due to its lower sugar content, making well-flavoured schnapps. Freshly produced farm ice cream and fine cakes with afternoon tea will ensure your sweet tooth isn't coming up short.

 There are many outlets and small shops along the road offering homemade delicacies and local products to buy.

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