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Doppelzimmer Bodensee 1Hotel Alte Schule Im BodenseeEinzelzimmer PfaenderEinzelzimmer MainauBodensee BadZimmer 12
Doppelzimmer Bodensee 1
Hotel Alte Schule Im Bodensee
Einzelzimmer Pfaender
Einzelzimmer Mainau
Bodensee Bad
Zimmer 12

Having been lovingly and extensively renovated, the historical Alte Schule in the heart of Lindau island has found a new lease of life as a owner-managed bed & breakfast hotel. Three of the region’s most beautiful areas inspired our themed rooms: as charming and relaxing as ‘Lake Constance’, as colourful and vibrant as the remarkable Flower Island of ‘Mainau’, and, last but not least, as cosy and traditional as a hut on Mount ‘Pfänder’ near Lake Constance. Inside Hotel Alte Schule, modern conveniences, such as a lift, box-spring beds, air conditioning and Wi-Fi combine with centuries-old architectural features to create a marvellous mix of past and present. The beautiful island of Lindau is always worth a visit – immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of the historical old quarter and experience the almost mediterranean feel. We’ll see you there!