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Hotel Feuriger Tatzlwurm Oberaudorf 1
Hotel Feuriger Tatzlwurm Zimmer
Hotel Feuriger Tatzlwurm Innenpool
Tatzlwurm Drachenstadl
Tatzlwurm Locations
Tatzlwurm Tagungsraum

It will come as no surprise to those who love the Alps that a fire-breathing dragon named Tatzlwurm chose to dwell in this majestic place – or so the legend goes. A visit is always worthwhile – whether it’s for the views of the sunset over the Kaisergebirge mountains or for the myth-enshrouded waterfalls.

Named after the fabled dragon, Hotel Feuriger Tatzlwurm and its guesthouse are located right on the German Alpine Road.

You should try the kaiserschmarrn pancake – it’s heaven on a plate.

The hotel offers eco-studios and brand-new junior suites in the traditional Alpine style, as well as a spa with saunas, a jacuzzi, a spring water swimming pool, a ‘mountain beach’ and a beauty salon offering wellness treatments.