Alpine holidays at the highest level

Set amid a breathtaking mountain landscape at the foot of Mount Zugspitze (2,962m), Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the epitome of dramatic and unspoilt Alpine scenery. A region that has been shaped by people and their culture, where you encounter traditional Bavarian customs that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Located amidst breath-taking mountain scenery, at the foot of the 2,962 m / 9,718 ft high Zugspitze, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the epitome of Alpine might and at the source of its nature. A region, carved by its people and their culture, where typical Bavarian traditions are genuinely encountered. Where not only the locals but we too find ourselves closer to nature.

The diversity of the alpine surroundings of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is hard to beat. More active tourists can benefit from this unique outdoor centre: Alpine and cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and ice hockey in winter; with canoeing, paragliding, mountain biking and hiking in summer.

Walks through the Frühlingsstraße in Garmisch or the historic Ludwigstraße in Partenkirchen allow tradition to be felt. The magnificent Lüftlmalereien (painted façades) tell stories about those that dwell their - their region, customs and traditions. Inhabitants connected by their openness, lust for life and Bavarian character.

Walking through the pedestrianized centre of Garmisch, from Marienplatz up to Richard-Strauss-Platz, not only do we find traditional shops, but also well-known fashion labels and exclusive boutiques. High quality, traditional crafts - such as artfully crafted Tracht (traditional country-estate style clothes) - fuse here with modern Alpine fashion and lifestyle. Traditional goldsmiths and trades such as Haferlschuh (traditional Bavarian footwear) manufacturers are located around the aforementioned Ludwigstraße.

Another example of this distinctive way of life is reflected in the cuisine. Ranging from the famous Bavarian ‚Schmankerl' delicacies, to modern all-encompassing cuisine with local organic products, to fine-dining in elegant gourmet restaurants. Equally diverse is the range of accommodation: from quaint rural inns and charming holiday homes to luxurious hotels of the highest quality.